Exclusive right to sell brands.

Trademark – it is a tool of individualization of goods and services. There is a mechanism TM design. Having passed the procedure of registration, you get the opportunity to produce products with a unique mark. Laying the appropriate settings in your product, you become an independent player on the market of certain goods and services. Consumers will recognize you by your TM. on, how well thought out balance of quality, prices and marketing, success depends on the market. Often traders want to get exclusive rights to some the brands. After receiving such a right to a certain territory, the company has a better chance of not losing margins to fierce competition. Since the, that the arguments about the quality and price advantage of goods from a competitor subjective, professional trading team will find a sufficient number of arguments for the sales, having no analogues in its territory from rival, where the only factor is the price. OOO "Global-Organik-Grup", manufacturer of phosphate-free detergents and cleaning agents, It has its own brands: "Ladybird" and "BUBLLE POWER". Sales of products under these brand names occurs in the territory of Ukraine and abroad. The practice of granting exclusive trading rights of these trademarks in the certain territory using Ltd.”GLOBAL-ORGANIC-GROUP "both domestically, and abroad. Of course, for, to get "exclusive", you need to fulfill some conditions and to commit themselves. Quality brand promotion, sales volumes, communication with consumers and other. While all of these options provide the benefit and the manufacturer, and trader, providing demand, and hence earnings for tomorrow. At the same time does not create dumping, which in turn destroys the brands. As is known, top manufacturers of regulated quite strictly minimum margin on their products, applying penalties in case of breach of contract. Of course, trade company, wishing to obtain "єksklyuziv" to "Kalinka", или “BUBLLE POWER”, It must understand the benefits and responsibilities of such cooperation, meet the stated parameters. those regions, where such cooperation develops, are leaders in terms of sales and stability. OOO "Global-Organic-Group" appreciates its partners, always pay attention to the comments and suggestions. Loyalty between partners – It is the key to a long and fruitful cooperation!

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