Quick wash.


In modern washing machine offers a variety of modes of washing. For different types of tissue and the level of contamination of a thing. Wherein, We are trying to optimize costs, as far as possible by choosing the shorter modes. How much do we save as a result of? The study found, that of a group of 1200 human 55% use the quick wash. But to save on this too turns. When quick wash frequently used additional operations. Wash in fast mode and at low speed, you are forced to use longer drying mode or twisting. decrease in temperature will increase the duration. Another important aspect of, using a quick wash cycle, you have to wash more often. Because the contamination is not completely go away, and in the depth of the tissue will partly. And the material is contaminated faster. Pre-soaking things in the powder solution, we significantly raise the quality of washing and removing stains. using soaking, we can get away from the excessive use of electricity, water and detergent. Since a relatively small amount of powder is sufficient time to complete switching of all components. You can efficiently manage their time and resources. Understanding the basic principles of the wash, you need to select the appropriate mode, to give the best result.

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