About company

OOO «StartMaster Group» – Ukrainian producer of high-quality products in the category of household chemicals and products for home care. The company produces washing powder, Gels for washing, detergents for different purposes.

Our goal

– do the laundry, the washing up, effective cleaning, easily and confidently.

our vision

– ensure effective, safe and available detergents, by their production and continuous improvement, all consumers of Ukraine and other countries.

 At the beginning of its activity OOO «StartMaster Group» He acted as an importer of products of the Czech joint-stock company «FOSFA» under the trademarks «Best for You», «Saly», «Forsil», «Feel Eco».

OOO «StartMaster Group» products of formula were developed by European Technology, which are reflected in the Trademark «Kalinka» and «Bubble Power».

In the development and production of the products we use experience and technology from leading European laboratories, specializing in the field of ecology studies, Security detergents, and their safe use.

Safety of household chemicals under the trademarks "Kalinka" and "Bubble the Power" confirmed the existence of relevant documents (Certificate of conformity, conclusion of the state sanitary – epidemiological expertise).

Main activities:

  • phosphate-free detergents for various types of washing (for hand washing, machine wash, universal);
  • phosphate-free washing powder for baby clothes;
  • liquid detergents;
  • dishwashing detergent;
  • creating products under your own brand (Private Label) in the category of washing machines and detergents;
  • packaging of raw materials of the customer in the packaging (poluproizvodstvo).