Baby laundry detergents, and what the difference between them.

We all know, that special detergents are available for children's clothes. We buy them in supermarkets, shops and markets. And we thought, What is the difference between these detergents from normal and whether it is at all?

Almost all manufacturers have in their assortment of children's series. Of course, each has its own formulas and recipes, and they are not, like the others. But in the production of children's laundry detergent is a basic principle. Since children's skin and the organism as a whole is not yet unproven, and the impact of the most aggressive components will be enhanced.

Ltd”GLOBAL-ORHANYK group ", Ukrainian manufacturer of washing powders and detergents, also produces washing powder children's series.


according to the technology, applied Ltd.”GLOBAL-ORGANIC-GROUP "in the production of children's washing powder, not apply phosphates, even in minimal concentration, no optical brighteners, reduced content of surfactants. Excluded most aggressive elements. Smells or totally absent, or perfumes used in a low concentration and the highest quality. Продукция ООО “ГЛОБАЛ-ОРГАНИК-ГРУП” всегда высокого качества, at each stage is controlled by the quality control system, including laboratory tests.

Choosing a washing powder for children, pay attention to its composition. carefully consider, It comprises any substance that powder, you take home. On this depends the health of your child!

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