Effective removal of sweat stains from clothes.


Often, favorite thing, still in good condition, We have to throw because of this phenomenon, as the stains of sweat under the arms and elsewhere. Why are these spots are problematic? The thing is, that the composition of sweat, this 85% water and 15% proteins and fats. Due to its composition, sweat penetrates deep into the fibers, придает неприятный запах и ткань из за наличия большого количества бактерий желтеет.

But with all this mess can and should fight, extending the life of their favorite things.


– Just faded area stains laundry soap, Wait half an hour and make a normal wash. This recipe is my grandmother's quite effective.

– A good way to cotton and linen products – это вываривание. Rub small amount of metal soap in a basin of water, put things in water and simmer until complete bleaching, stirring occasionally.

– Stain removal of a small size can be performed using hydrogen peroxide. It is necessary to wet clean cloth hydrogen peroxide solution and treat the contaminated area. Then rinse with water and dry.

– Another embodiment: Take four tablespoons of ordinary baking soda and dissolve it in a quarter cup of water. When a brush, apply the solution on the portion with a spot, Leave for half an hour. After that, make a wash.

– Drizzle with sweat stains with a solution of vinegar and water 1:1, then wash. Also you get a good effect.

Как не странно, but the tablet of the head can also help in this problem. Dissolve two aspirins in half a glass of water, treat stains and leave it for three hours. If at first no effect, Dissolve two more pills, Only in a very small volume of water, to receive gruel. Apply this slurry on the problem areas, and an hour later wash.

– for flax, silk and cotton is a good option – This salt solution. Tablespoon of salt dissolved in a glass of water, put on contaminated sites and wait two o'clock. After that, wash.

– If you mix a tablespoon of liquid ammonia, tablespoon of salt in a glass of water, The processed traces of sweat, and half an hour to wash, then get rid of the problem of pollution.

– And of course, You can use stain remover with bleach. Apply the product on the stain and wash in an hour.

I wish you success!🤗

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