Enzymes in laundry detergents

To replace phosphate detergent powders containing no means come phosphates and their derivatives. For high performance in detergents Unphosphatic complexes had to solve the problem of replacement of the other components. One of these components become enzymes. This enzyme preparations, ability to break down and remove contaminants of different origin. Наиболее широко применяемый в стиральных порошках класс энзимов – this protease. They help remove food, белковых загрязнений,such as blood, milk, eggs, cocoa, as well as grass and vegetation. Optimal application temperature 45-50'S. There are other classes of enzymes, applied in laundry detergents. Effective in removing contaminants starch (rice, corn, potatoes) are amilazы.

lipase remove oils and fats. enzyme cellulase removes pellets and makes the surface smooth cotton items, and elastic fibers. This occurs at low temperatures. To remove dirt use fruit pektinazu. A keratinase removes hardened proteins, razlagaet keratin, which consist of skin flakes and hair. The composition of washing powders are a combination of these enzyme preparations, formulated in a manner, so that they reinforce each other's action.

It should be emphasized, enzymes that work at the wash 40-50 degrees, and during its raising die. some enzymes, but not all, designed as a heat-stable and can withstand up to 95 degrees. Because in order to achieve high quality washing is necessary to pay attention to the correct temperature regime. If necessary, should soak heavily soiled items in warm water, as this will fundamentally break down stains and dirt.

Specializing in Unphosphatic washing compositions OOO "Global-Organic-Group" successfully cope with its task. The company produces phosphate-free detergents under the brand names: "Kalinka" and "BUBBLE POWER". User can verify the effectiveness of these agents. And the price of the highest quality will please the housewives.


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