Laundry soap: Interesting Facts.

  1. Laundry soap – it unattractive detergent, passed through the enormous amount of time and to this day has not lost its relevance. Besides detergency, and it possesses certain other properties: antiseptic, healing, beauty.

It accepted that alcohol – a reliable antiseptic. but it turns out, that soap, which comprises only the fatty acid and the sodium salt of, effectively kill a much greater number of bacteria and viruses than alcohol. Wherein, soap normalizes Wednesday, without killing everything and is hypoallergenic. In contrast to the alcohol-containing means, soap does not sting or burn wound. It is important, when we are dealing with children, with their constant abrasions, treat them with soap will be much easier, than iodine or brilliant green. burns, by the way, it is also the best remedy. It not only relieves pain, but the wound heals. Due to its disinfectant properties, soap can successfully cure the fungus on his feet, thrush, dandruff, etc.. Using soap when washing hair, you get strong and silky hair. Washing with soap improve skin condition, and after shaving irritation will not be. It is important not to forget, that the alkaline dry skin, so after using soap, should moisten her cream, a hair rinse vinegar solution. It is not necessary to wash laundry soap every day, better one – two times a week.

If things soak before washing in soapy water, the result will please you. You can also withdraw the majority of spots, treating them with soap. Such a method may be effectively, than the use of expensive stain removers. by the way, in the most part of washing powders include soap shavings, improves their cleaning characteristics. Important, to the soap, you buy, it was a real. Since the pursuit of some cheaper manufacturers make similar soap cheaper chemical constituents. In this case it does not have all the capabilities described above. Хотя само мыло стоит не дорого, buy it in large quantities. therefore, winning a paltry sum at the bar, unscrupulous businessmen want to earn extra profit. Carefully choose a quality product, The composition.

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