How often should wash things?



Catching up on laundry, we complete things by color, degree of pollution,the type of fabric and other parameters. Something erase most, something less. Each in its own determines how often the laundry. We do not think about, what, is, there are generally accepted rules of washing frequency of certain things!

And here they are:

  • T-shirt – after each socks;
  • socks – after each socks;
  • Underwear – after each socks;
  • tie – hand washing after each socks;
  • sportswear – after each session;
  • white silk clothes – after each socks;
  • shirts – after one – two socks with Mike, after each wear no shirt;
  • blouses – after one – two socks;
  • bras – after two – three sock Hand wash
  • shorts – after two – three sock;
  • dresses – after one – three sock;
  • pajamas – after three – four nights;
  • business suits – after three – four, If the coat and after four – five, if synthetics;
  • skirts – after five – seven socks;
  • pants – after five – six sock;
  • jeans – the appearance of odor;
  • sweaters – after two – three sock, if cashmere and after five, if wool;
  • scarves, Hats and gloves – three – five times in a season. For knitwear to use hand washing, and for the leather dry cleaning;
  • footwear – after every contamination, or the occurrence of unpleasant odor, You can use the cleaner-conditioner;
  • cloaks and coats – twice a season;
  • jackets and wool coats – once per season.

I wish you a pleasant and lung washes. Let your favorite things will always be clean and long serving, bringing joy!

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