How to determine the hardness of water in the home?

Everyone has heard the expression "water hardness". Actually, this is a very important parameter, affect us, in daily use water. Taking a shower or bath, brewing tea, changing the water in the aquarium, erasing things, and more. Everywhere is very important level of water hardness. Hardness of water – this value, characterizing the quantitative content of mineral salts. Basic salts hardness – are salts of calcium and magnesium. The unit of hardness is the SI mol per cubic meter (mol / m3). Water different stiffness in different ways affects us. So, most of the better feel of aquarium fish and algae in the water softer. Although there are algae, prefer hard water. As the hard water contains a large quantity of mineral salts, then heated under reflux and they abundantly accumulate and form deposits in the form of scale on the heating elements, utensils and appliances. Brewing tea in hard water, you get a cloudy solution, while, How to brew it in soft water, we will see a nice amber color of the drink. To protect the heating elements of the washing machine you have to use special tools or detergents,that include a water softening agent. How can navigate and understand without special laboratory tests, what kind of water at home? There are simple and obvious indicators of water hardness in everyday life. for example, if you wash your hands with soap and water, and secreted abundant foam, and then hard to wash off mylnost, then you have soft water. If on the contrary, lather hands hard, the water is tough. If tea is brewed for 3-4 minutes, the water is soft. If 6-8 minutes, the water hardness high, and thus the color of tea is unclear. You can apply special domestic tests and learn more specific stiffness, true, the accuracy of the lab you will not get. understanding, that water you tough, you will be able to pre-soften before using it. The easiest way is to boil and cool water. In this case, due salts precipitate, their concentration in the water will decrease, and it will be a little softer, but not much. You can also use the alkali to reduce water hardness, suitable for this conventional soda. When using electrical appliances with hard water and a special filter applied electromagnetic softeners. Determine the level of hardness of the water, you will be able to properly configure devices, install additional necessary equipment, add the right amount of detergent and shampoo and still get the desired results.

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