How to clean up the bathroom and shower house?

Each apartment or house has a bathroom, and there is a bathroom, shower, may be combined variant. Anyway, nice to take a shower after a hot day. A female half of society likes to soak in the bathroom with various foams and other scented pieces. All association with streams of warm water and a little white cabin pleasing. And after the adoption of pleasant procedures, we are seeing some side effects. This remaining smudges, limescale deposits, brown spots of rust. And the sooner we remove all these contaminants, the easier it will be to do it. In no case can not be used acid, abrasive, металлические щётки и другие агрессивные и царапающие средства. To remove these impurities, there are special household chemicals. But picking up the special chemicals, it's recommended to try them out on a small inconspicuous area and the cabin or bath. If no adverse effects are no, you can safely work with this drug over the entire surface. There are also folk recipes for cleaning the tub or cabins. To do this, fit, well-known means such as baking soda, lemon acid, hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, vodka, etc.. Hydrate well removes smudges and stains, but do not forget, and that it is crystal at a strong friction may leave scratches. Citric acid should be well dissolved in hot water. Such a solution can be using friction to remove most of the contaminants. Dissolve the need to fully, to avoid scratches. If particularly dirty, you need to apply and wait for a solution 10 minutes, and then rub. After removal of dirt warm water rinse. You can also apply against smudges ordinary vinegar in the ratio with water 1:1. apply the mixture, wait 10 minutes, wipe cloth, rinse and wipe dry. It is possible to use a toothpaste or powder. Apply to the pollution on 15 minutes, and then wash off with a soft brush. Together with the remains of the paste and leave contamination. When mixed with hydrogen peroxide, soda, Apply this mixture on the soiled spot, hold 10 minutes, clean, and then once more shed hydrogen peroxide and, without washing, dry, you kill all the mold and mildew. Ammonia can also save you from smudges and divorces. A mixture of two tablespoons of water and one spoon vodka remarkably soap will remove plaque from the glass and chrome plated faucets. If your home has a steam generator, it is a super option for a quick disposal of dirt in the bathroom and without consequences. Either option is good, the choice is yours. I wish you success!)

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