How to wash shoes at home?


Our most comfortable shoes – this sneakers. They have too many. Running shoes are for all occasions, for Sport, picnic, work and even celebrations. No matter how many pairs of shoes did not have, the time comes, when you need to clean them from dirt. For, to qualitatively wash sneakers in a washing machine, necessary to make preparatory manual cleaning. Take the soap, old toothbrush, wooden skewer and a basin with warm water,. Advance extract insoles and carefully wash them by hand, to keep in shape and not damaged. Sneakers purify turns from major pollution, sand, small stones in the hollows of soles and rinsed completely. After pre-treatment, put shoes in special bags or old pillowcases, it is desirable to place two pairs of sneakers or other things to fill the drum, identical density. This will prevent vibration damage the shoes or the drum itself. Adding a compartment for chemicals either dry gel powder, we expose the temperature 30-40 degrees and start the wash cycle. If everything is done correctly, you will get an excellent result, and your shoes will be as good as new. Hand such a result you will not get. Dry in the machine shoes are not recommended. Better tamp paper sneakers for dimensional stability and dry naturally. It is not necessary to put the shoes to dry under the scorching sun or the heat of the battery in the winter.

A nice wash and clean sneakers!)

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