How to wash the membrane tissue?

When the first coat and other things from membrane fabrics, This has caused excitement among outdoor enthusiasts and athletes. Membrane tissue decided many questions. Things got lungs, warm, ceased to soar and get wet. But sooner or later, all things polluted. And if the usual thing you can just wash, the membrane was impossible to erase, it was falling apart. Over time, technology improved, and the membrane was not only things can be erased, but necessary. Since the fabric breathes through a special micro, the contamination of their slaughter and functionality falls. Properly caring for the membrane and its correct blurring, we significantly prolongs its service life. Of course, there are some features laundry:

-Do not wash the membrane detergent. Crystals will score the pores and the membrane stops breathing.

-You can not use bleach and tools based on it. Chlorine will corrode the pores and the thing starts to get wet.

-You can not boil the membrane, pores stick together and the thing should be thrown out.

-Pressing the membrane and can not be twisting, the pores being damaged, and microcracks appear during use items to decline significantly.

-It can not be ironed thing, because it simply slipnetsya.

-Drying in a hot battery contraindicated.

-Do not use rinsing agent.

Wash follows:

washing temperature should be up to 40 degrees. You can only use special means-impregnated membrane fabric. In an extreme case, soap. Pressing only by hand without wringing. Dried without high temperatures and direct sunlight.

With the right knowledge, take care of things easy and simple!


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