How to wash knitted things.

  1. We are all happy to wear knitwear, and in the locker room is always a favorite pair of jackets and sweaters. But sooner or later the thing is dirty, and you need to decide to pass it to the dry cleaners or wash yourself. Dry cleaning may not always be the best option for knitted products. And if you understand the basic principles of, it is possible to successfully wash the thing, and not to spoil her presentation. First of all you need to carefully examine the information on the label. If for some reason this information is not, we take as a basis for the most intrusive option. handwash. Pour water into a basin to 30 degrees, not more. Dissolve detergent silk and wool. This can be a special powder, gel or, in a pinch, baby shampoo. Neutral detergent can not be used, as it can spoil the thing. Thereafter, knitted thing put in solution, hands and gently rubbed planes between themselves. Everything should be done with extreme caution, not to damage the mating. During 5-10 minutes subject item in solution. Then the net change in water at a temperature not higher than the previous, and hands slightly viscous compressible so, to wash detergent. Water changed several times, to complete rinsing. You can add air conditioning, then the thing becomes softer. After washing knitted thing you can not squeeze. Lightly squeeze the thing, squeezing water out of it. Then spread a clean towel and decompose the washed. You can get wet, resting on top of another towel, and leave to dry in the unfolded position. Do not dry in the sun knitted things, in hot battery, hang on rope. It can stretch, fiber break. Iron is also not recommended, and if I have to be ironed, then at a minimum temperature and necessarily through the fabric. Если же вещь правильно высушена, the ironing is not required, and the view is great. If we talk about the car wash, it is also a good option, only need to select the correct mode. In modern washing machine has a delicate washing, select it. Knitted thing should be placed in a special bag for laundry, if there is no such, typically using a pillowcase with zipper. Adding an appropriate detergent and set temperature 30 degrees. At the end of the wash unscrew at minimum speed, and it is better to remove the item and gently squeeze the arms, as described in the embodiment handwashing. If you follow all the necessary precautions, it is possible to wash knitted things and not to worry, they will remain in perfect order!
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