Как удалить пятна с постельного белья.

Remove stains from clothes need, as fast as possible, until they dried up, because then get rid of them will be quite difficult.


  1. Brush to remove stains from the dust, that on the fabric is not formed smudges.
  2. Test the fabric for resistance to an agent for removing stains. To do this, the fabric in an inconspicuous area to wipe swab coated with a stain remover.
  3. Placed under a board spot, wrapped in several layers of clean white cloth . Lining need otporot.
  4. Border stains sprinkle starch, that it is not blurred. We treat the stain from the edge to the middle, in order to avoid rasplytiya.


raspberries, strawberries, currant.

Prepare a solution of: a teaspoon of vinegar and lemon juice. Mockney cloth into the mixture and rub the stain.


bilberry, blackcurrant.

Wash the stain with cold water. Then soak a couple of minutes in sour milk or lemon juice. If the stain does not disappear, try again.


ice cream.

Slick from ice cream rather poorly satisfied with this content. Therefore, print spot before washing. Part of the tissue with a stain soak in the solution of 1 teaspoon of borax and 1 teaspoon of water. Propoloshtite. And now wash in the usual way.



Prepare a mixture of equal parts glycerine, ammonia and water. Thoroughly moisten the composition of this stain. And leave it for 5 hours. Then water rinse.



To remove fresh stains using a mixture of glycerin with ammonia at a ratio 4:1 or soap solution.

If the stain is old, Prepare the solution hyposulfite 1 no. spoon 1/2 a glass of water or oxalic acid 1/2 no. spoon 1 glass of water.

After treatment with one of the wash solutions item in soapy water with the addition of ammonia 2 no. spoon 1 L of water and then rinse.



Fill the basin water, add salt at the rate of 1 Article. teaspoon per liter of water. Then wash the clothes in the water with a spot.


fat, vegetable oil.

If the stain is fresh, then wash it with warm soapy water, добавив нашатырный спирт на 0,5 glass solution - 1h. alcohol spoon. Wipe with a clean cloth refined place, then iron it through his blotter.

Another way to get rid of spots - a few hours, pour it with tooth powder or crushed chalk. The powder should be changed to the extent that, as it will appear fat. In conclusion, the procedure, wipe the place with gasoline spot and giving a warm iron over blotting paper.

The pulp of black bread - also a good tool for removing greasy fresh spots.

If the fabric, where there is fresh grease stains, can not be washed, it can be removed as follows:: under the stain put a blotting paper, and on top, sprinkle with talcum powder, every other day clean it with spots. Talc can replace the potato starch. If grease stains ingrained, the portion with a spot in the dip solution, consisting of 1 Article. tablespoons water, 1/2 no. spoon of liquid ammonia and 1 Article. spoon glycerin; hold the tissue in a solution of a few minutes, rinse with lukewarm water and iron.


Of fat on carpets.

Gruel of gasoline and synthetic detergent powder thoroughly rub into the stain. And leave hours 7 or overnight. Rinse with hot water. If the stain is old – repeat procedure.


red wine, fruit.

Fresh stains from wine and red berries can be removed with hot water. Stretch the fabric over a saucepan and pour a kettle of boiling water directly on the spot. While the water is heated and begins to boil, pour the stain with salt.

Stains on colored fabrics first rinse with hot water, wait a few minutes and wash in soapy water.

Another method is as follows:: Apply to the stain egg yolk, mixed with equal parts of glycerol, or soak the cloth in the milk and then wash it.


white wine, champagne, liquor, beer.

remove the solution, which consists of 5 g soap and 1/2 no. tablespoons of baking soda in the 1 glass of water. In this solution, the fabric hold day, then rinse in warm water.

If the fabric can not be washed, then rub the stain with a mixture of glycerol, water and ammonia in the ratio 1:3:1.

beer stains well removed with denatured alcohol and soapy water.


canned food.

Sprinkle the stain with tooth powder or powdered chalk. Leave overnight.


milk, fish, sauce.

Remove with soap and water. But if the spot long-standing, it is better to use a mixture of glycerin and water 50/50 and put on the spot a few drops of ammonia, or use only glycerine, then remove it, Rinse the product in water.


Milk and soup on silk and wool.

Wet the spot in a solution of 4 parts of ammonia, 4 parts of apple cider vinegar or vodka 1 of the salt. Propoloshtite. when dry, progladьte with iznanki.


Fruit and juice.

Take hydrogen peroxide: 1 teaspoon 1/2 glasses of water. The resulting solution wipe the stain. Then rinse with cold water.



Sprinkle borax on the spot. Then borax clean brush or cloth. Then wash the item in a soap solution and rinse.


of iron.

From them can be removed with hydrogen peroxide: 1 no. spoon 1/2 a glass of water or denatured alcohol.


wax, paraffin, stearin.

scrape off the wax, then put on the stain wet cloth, it – several layers of blotting paper. Iron it with a hot iron. Blotter should be changed until, until the stain is gone.

Another way – Initially, these spots carefully scrape off the knife, then remove turpentine or gasoline.



Fresh stains wipe cologne. If the stain is a long-standing, treat it with a mixture of: take 30 ml cologne and 10 ml of ammonia.

Old stains wash with soap, but first portion with a stain rinse with hot water and table salt: 1 Article. spoon 1 glass of water. If the fabric can not be washed, the stain should be wiped with saline 1 Article. spoon 1 glass of water, and then - denatured alcohol.

Another method for removing stains - treat hot solution of oxalic acid 1 no. spoon 1/2 liters of water.



In cotton stains from sweat can bring wine vinegar, of shelke – pure alcohol based 1 tablespoon of vinegar or alcohol on 1 glass of water.



If the fabric, where there is a spot, color, then remove the stain with a mixture of acetone, gasoline and denatured alcohol in equal parts, or any one of the following solvents.

On white fabric stain remove ammonia, followed by washing with warm water. If the stain still remains, then wipe it 3% hydrogen peroxide solution and then wash with water.


Hair Dye.

Hydrogen peroxide is mixed with an equal amount of ammonia. Cloth or sponge to dab the stain.


Ink and gouache paints.

Dilute washing powder in cold water. Soak the spot with a spot for a couple of hours. Then dry the thing. After drying, brush clean.



In no case do not soak the cloth with the stain in hot water! Soak in cold, then faded soap.

If the stain is a long-standing, soak thing in saline: 1 tablespoon per liter of cold water. Then wash cloth in warm water with soap or detergent.

Another way – wipe with diluted ammonia, and then - treat with a solution of borax 1 teaspoon 1 glass of water.

If you need to remove the stain with wool, moisten the stain with warm water, dissolving it aspirin, then dry cloth dryer.



There are several ways of removing stains:

  1. Wipe the stain swab, dipped in liquid ammonia.
  2. Pour the stain with baking soda, pour the vinegar and leave overnight.
  3. Faded stain hyposulfite solution, prepared based 1 no. spoon 1 a glass of warm water.
  4. Wipe the stain starch, changing the past as pollution.
  5. Wipe the stain with acetone or denatured alcohol. After all these actions the product rinse.



These spots, immediately rinse with water, а лучше — раствором нашатырного спирта или пищевой соды 1 no. spoon 1 glass of water.


Сажи, золы, угля.

Свежие пятна сначала обработайте скипидаром, далее промойте в мыльной воде и прополощите.

Если пятна старые, то эффективно применение смеси из скипидара и яичного желтка. Разведите до консистенции сметаны и подогрейте на водяной бане. В конце процедуры изделие постирайте в мыльной воде и тщательно прополощите.


Клея канцелярского.

Нанесите на тампон жидкость для снятия лака без ацетона. Потрите пятно.


Жевательной резинки.

Положите вещь в морозилку. Just do not rub the stain pre!



If the fabric, on which the spot, white, the stain rub the swab, moistened 10% aqueous ammonia.

Colored spots on the tissue removed by applying a 15-20 min preheated glycerol, followed by wiping with cloth patches, dipped in glycerin, and rinse.



If the stain on the white fabric, that the lower part of the product in acetic acid and oxalic acid solution, by 1 teaspoon of both components 1 glass of water, which had previously be heated in an enamel pot to 90 ° C. Acid can replace the boiling lemon juice. After use solution, rinse product in warm water with the addition of ammonia.

To remove stains from colored fabrics prepare a paste of glycerol, water and grated white soap in equal parts. After one day, wash the spot.

You can also put on the spot a lemon slice, pre-wrapped in cheesecloth, and the portion of the fabric to iron iron.



There are several options for removing stains:

  1. Wash the product with soapy water and treat with hydrogen peroxide.
  2. Очистьте пятно скипидаром, далее этот участок покройте тонким слоем сухой глины, сверху накройте промокательной бумагой и прогладьте теплым утюгомэто относится к изделиям из шелка.
  3. Посыпьте пятно измельченным мелом и прогладьте теплым утюгом через промокательную бумагу .
  4. От старых пятен можно избавиться при помощи гипосульфита 1 teaspoon 1 стакан воды или перекиси водорода.



Удалите при помощи глицерина. Можно использовать также скипидар и смесь нашатырного спирта и перекиси водорода. Глицерин нужно выдержать на пятне примерно 1 no, после чего прополощите ткань в немного подсоленной теплой воде.

Раствор, состоящий из нашатырного спирта и перекиси водорода, готовят в соотношении 1 no. ложка того и другого веществ на 1 a glass of warm water.

Можно использовать раствор, состоящий из двух частей глицерина и пяти частей денатурированного спирта.

Свежее чернильное пятно хорошо удаляется простоквашей или раствором нашатырного спирта и питьевой соды по 1 no. ложке спирта и соды на 1 glass of water.

Желаю лёгкого удаления пятен и успеха!)

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