How to deduce stains from red wine

Red wine – This wonderful drink, which is associated with the holiday and good mood. But the stains from red wine to elegant clothes – This unpleasant prospect. And more recently,, stains from red wine seemed a disaster and likely favorite thing would have to throw. But do not need much to get upset, it's not so irremediably, as it seems! Now we shall understand, how easily and efficiently solve this problem.

If still stain from red wine turned out to be on your clothes, tablecloths or bedding, you need to take this thing, even if the stain is fresh, and properly soak, in a solution of warm water and washing powder "Kalinka Premium".

Proper pre-soak with detergent "Kalinka Premium" makes miracles, and can cope with the toughest stains. Stains from red wine are among their number.

Proceed as follows:

  • Pour enough warm, but not hot, water in a basin and well dissolve a small amount of powder therein "Kalinka Premium".
  • Place the item with a spot of red wine in a solution, completely flood the thing above and place a towel or clean cloth, that thing is not floated. Leave it all to soak at least an hour.
  • After soaking the press thing, but do not rinse.
  • Wash with compatible things in the machine as usual, select the correct temperature and the proper dosage of powder "Kalinka-Premium". It is this powder will ensure a successful stain removal and proper washing!
  • After the end of the wash, immediately remove the items from the machine and hung out to dry.

To not worry about clothes contamination, keep in your bathroom or laundry room washing powder "Kalinka-Premium"!


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