Kalinka 1000kg washing powder for coloreds.


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Suitable as a universal detergent for white linen to 90 ° C, and linen with a stable color at temperatures of from 30 ° C to 60 ° C, for all types of washing machines and for hand washing. It has whitening properties when washing at higher temperatures. With the improved structure of enzymes and oxygen based bleach to remove all types of dirt, including biological contamination. It eliminates odors. After washing your clothes retain the bright color and acquire a fresh scent. At sufficiently softens water. Compatible with other washing agents. It can be used for pre-wash. To soften laundry when rinsing is recommended to use air conditioning. Not suitable for wool and silk. It prevents the formation of scale on the heating devices, washing machines. Composition: less 5%: zeolites, soap, anionnыe surfactants, nonionic surfactant, enzymes, perfume.

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