Classes washing machines.

Classes washing machines.


Many choosing a washing machine guided by parameters, as a form, size and method of loading. Other consumers are turning their attention to power consumption, extraction and quality of the washing class. It is these three parameters and should be considered more carefully, because there is not so simple. Razberёmsya , that is washing classes, which class is better, and both depend on the class characteristics? So!


When choosing a washing machine is the most important parameter, This class of washing. This performance parameter removing stains from various tissues. Of course, on machines with different classes can be a different result identical to wash stains and dirt, it affect different factors. This powder, the softness of the water level, and other factors. Because the class is assigned after a special test in the same conditions – 60min. washing in water at a temperature 60gradusov tissue stained with the same. The result is compared with the laundered fabric in the reference machine determines the class.


Table with parameters into classes:


Efficiency1,31 – 1,29from 0,970,94 – 0,970,91 – 0,940,88 – 0,91To 0,88


As well as the class of washing, there is a class squeeze. Spin class can also be specified on the washing machine. This parameter specifies the, what percentage of the laundry humidity, remains after washing with wringer. It directly affects the number of drum rotations per second. because, the higher the speed, better spin and higher class.

Table spinning classes:


classHumidity (%)Characteristic
ATo 45extremely strong
B45 – 54very strong
C55 – 63Strong
D64 – 72very intense
E73 – 81Intensive
F82 – 90Weak
G90 and higherVery weak

In this case the drum speed is generally from 1500 to 400 rev / min.


The next class, This class power. there 7 Class of energy consumption, and then 2002 year, a new, eighth grade A +. This is the most economical class. Determined by testing the energy efficiency class for 60 min. at a temperature 60 degrees. Expended energy machine for the laundry and the washing machine determines the class.

Table Energy class:

classCharacteristicconsumption of electricity (kWh / kg)
A+the most economicalTo 0,17
ASmall0,17 – 0,19
BEconomical0,20 – 0,23
CEconomical0,24 – 0,27
DAverage0,28 – 0,31
ETall0,32 – 0,35
FVery tall0,36 – 0,39
Gextremely high0,40 and more


While, that technology is constantly being improved, as energy becomes more expensive modern cars are more common with the class A +, A,AT,With less frequent. A lower classes are virtually absent among the new equipment.

We dealt with the classes and you can confidently choose the washing machine which is most suitable to your needs. I wish success and pleasant laundry!)

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