Beware of counterfeit household chemistry.

Purchasing household chemicals, We can observe, What an incredible number of brands present on the Ukrainian market. Some of them are known to us from advertising, other part – it is little known or even unknown. Of course, trade marks, who can afford the beyond amount of advertising, in a separate segment of the market, and this is the tip of the pyramid sales. true, и ценовая политика в этом сегменте кусачая. it generates, Of course the quality of, but also a large proportion of the cost of space advertising budgets. The less well-known brands, where a component of advertising is relatively small, prices are much more democratic. And it is natural. Of course, can not say, that all the unadvertised products are guaranteed high quality. We talk about the main trends and processes. We, As consumers, have a choice, pay more for the well-known, proven brands, or take a chance and choose from a little-known brands. And here, need to say, there is an option to choose a worthy alternative to expensive brand. At the heart, This Ukrainian brands, seeking to take its share of the market, and it really is a super option price – quality. But a miracle happens, we see the road, branded powder at a price unknown brands, and even lower! An urgent need to take, probably, this is a very profitable campaign or luck! I want to disappoint, you got to, so-called, Counterfeiting. In other words – это подделка. The identical package is filled with the cheapest powder and sold, unsuspecting, customers. Why It Is Done? Very simple. Thus unscrupulous businesses are moving away from the basic problems, namely,lack of demand for the product. And the cheap raw materials ensures a decent margin. Naturally, no advertising costs do not need to carry. Of course, while the consumer suffers, the state budget and the company, under whose brands manufactured counterfeit. Despite, that is, provided by legislation of Ukraine penalties for counterfeiting, This phenomenon is present on the market. What can you recommend? Choosing cleaners in stores or on the market, require a certificate and receipt documents. Revise marked on the package labeling, expiration dates, barcodes. These precautions will reduce the likelihood to buy a fake. And most importantly, the price of branded products must be justified. Buying for a knockdown price untwisted brand, you are taking a big risk to buy a nicely packed sleaze, with it there is a big probability of harm to your health. It is better to take a series of economy, where price- quality match. I wish you a successful choice!)

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