Why buy products produced by "Global Organic Group"

OOO "Global-Organik-Grup", Ukrainian producer of phosphate-free detergents and cleaning agents. Our company started its activities with the import of household chemical goods to the Czech Republic. We worked in a few years time the importer. products, we import to Ukraine, It was very high quality and a wide range of. The work was mainly aimed at distributors, and we had feedback from retail outlets with the wishes. One of these requests was to change the weight of packaging. Czech producer did not want to change the packaging format, Recalling, that adopted in Europe this, and the need to purchase unrealistically large batch for individual format. And the idea to create the desired packaging alone. Having dealt with the procedures, we have acquired the necessary equipment, and released the first batch of the product in its packaging. The market reacted positively, and sales have increased dramatically. Even such an option as the package is able to influence the sales volume in other regions, where they are accustomed to certain formats. Мы увидели перспективу в адаптации продуктов под рынок Украины не только в упаковке, but also in other aspects. Washing powders have in their composition of perfume, giving a particular smell of washing powder. Its specificity and saturation is determined for each market. For Europe as a priority neutral smell and a small saturation, Asian demand for more sugary smells with high concentration, for Ukraine – fresh and fruity scents with a concentration slightly higher than in Europe. Similarly, other parameters require a deeper adaptation to Ukrainian consumers. Analyzing the Ukrainian market, we went farther into the production process, trying to satisfy the wishes of consumers. So, slowly and surely, we have mastered the full technological cycle of production and packaging. Not unimportant factor in the implementation of our product was the price. The challenge was, to achieve a low price without sacrificing quality by cleaning characteristics. The task sounds simple, but in the highly competitive field, at first sight, it seems impossible. After analyzing a great number of combinations and suppliers, мы нашли решение, and a new trademark «BUBBLE POWER». The products under this brand have quickly found their customers and significantly pushed competitors Tenders. But the fact, that the problem, we decided at that time with the price and quality, can not be solved once and for all. Competitors are not sitting on their hands and are also looking for options. Therefore, the only possibility to be the first in the segment – it constantly look for options, finding new and new combinations, ahead of the competition and to satisfy its customers' requirements. In this way, "Global Organic-Group" gradually turned from importer to manufacturer. Today, the two brands are in the company's portfolio: "Kalinka" and "the POWER BUBBLE". Rulers of these brands are in different price segments. «BUBBLE POWER» – This series of products Economy. "Kalinka" occupies a niche medium price range. Series «Kalinka premium» – are products of premium quality, designed for the most demanding customer.

Our qualified specialists are at once arisen algorithm, without compromise, following the traditions. each product, produced by us, created with the aim to become the best in its class and please customers.

By purchasing our products, you get the highest quality for the lowest possible price.

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