Why choose TM washing powders"ladybug".

Despite the diversity of the product of choice in the market of household chemicals in Ukraine, I want to get high quality at an affordable price. It is the desire of the consumer clear and not new. Of course, you might think, that this does not happen, and if the product is not expensive, then its quality leaves much to be desired. And there is logic in this. But there are exceptions. The young and dynamic enterprise "StartMaster-Group" TM produces "Kalinka". In powders, the trademark used the highest quality components. It besfosfatny washing powder, which is suitable for washing in the automatic washing machine, and for hand washing. Also in the "Kalinki" included additives for water softening, which prolongs the life of the machine and eliminates the extra costs of special additives. The company manufacturer, and with all the advantages of "Kalinka", It offers the laundry detergent on the market with a minimum mark for the active promotion. With its low price, the detergent makes the fight the most expensive brands. Of course, for the competition this unpleasant phenomenon. And for the end user – it is a real Klondike. Besides, Dosage "ladybug" – this is another of its advantages. She half, than the most expensive powders. After spending a small amount of, you get a real premium powder – concentrate. use a torque. While the manufacturer promotes its marketing program, we get considerable benefit!

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