Stain removers

All of us are faced with such a phenomenon as spots. They are different. The spot can be planted by taking food, engaged in economic affairs, while relaxing in a variety of situations. In the matter of spots good assistants are our children. These are the, who exactly will set thinking, how to deal with a wide variety of types of stains. If the washing powder in the usual there are traces of the stains, we come to the need for such a facility as a stain remover. In the market there is a huge amount of stain removers. there are liquid, dry, pasty. The problem is they have one – remove the most effective local pollution and does not damage the fabric. What are these magical means. some elements, stain removers which consist of, также входят в состав стиральных порошков, but their concentration is above. Bleaches based on more oxygen 30%, he is: sodium peroxide; from 15% to 30%: carbonate; from 5 to 15%: anionnыe surfactants; less 5%: soap, polycarboxylates, nonionic surfactant, enzymes, etc..

Stain remover is necessary to put on a polluted place and give some time for the impact. After that, wash. Also stain removers can be added to detergent powders, producing soak or pre-wash. Use the advice of the seller consultant to select suitable means. Be sure to check the effect of stain remover on every single thing before using. Apply a small drug, unobtrusive site and ensure the safety of its use. If the fabric has responded properly, it can safely be used.


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