Means for washing: universal, for color, black, white things and things made of wool and silk.

Washing powders are of universal application. This means, which can be washed all things, manually, and in washing machines of any type. On average they are equipped with the necessary elements for the main method of washing.

This is useful for people, do not have the desire and the time to delve into the details and sort your things by color and type of fabric, as well as the degree of contamination.

If a person disassemble their stuff on the black, white, colored and made of wool and silk items, they found, that each species has special tools. When washing colored things there is a need to prevent the mixing of colors. When washing the black stuff and the things you need dark colors do not wash out the color saturation, and to emphasize the depth of tissue staining. For white things you need to make a snow-white due to the bleaching effect. For all of these parameters, respectively, meet certain chemical elements. Usually, these elements are expensive. So, in the detergent gel for washing silk and wool is used lanolin. This item does not allow to form pellets on clothes and has a high cost. Universal powder the average for all things, but the action of its average. If you create a tool with maximum effect in all respects, the price will be too high.

Applying for washing railway special washing powders or gels, you will save money not only on their price, but also on the durability of the things themselves. Prolonging their service quality due to proper care.

When choosing a detergent,contact a seller consultant, that will give you qualified information and pick up tool with target parameters.


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