Old Ukrainian ash washing technology.

In the old days in Ukraine were its original laundry technology. So, story from his father, Describe one of them. Washing machine at the time consisted of a piece of willow trunk diameter of 40cm, 1.3 m long. The core tube is selected or takes. В нижней части навкрест просверливались отверстия, they inserted two sticks, forming a cross-shaped bottom. This device was called "zhluhto". This washing machine installed in the trough. At the top was laid straw wheat or rye. After the straw was obtained at the bottom of the seal stopper 10 cm in height. On the straw was packed with a clean cloth, and the top layer was poured zoly.Na wood ash housed one of the things, which had to be washed, ash on top again, next thing, Ash again, and so on. At the top of abundant ash fall asleep and it all poured boiling water, refuge burlap. Then, the stove battered 3-4, pre-glowing "Buksha"(internal metal parts cartwheels), and, removing the burlap, thrown inside "zhluhto". This caused boiling volcano due to a very high temperature. All over again covering with burlap, and left so until the next day. Water through the ashes, things and stopper of straw flow into the trough. Due to ash, which is a specific alkali concentration, softened water and decompose pollution of various origins. From "zhluhto" extracted treated ash and temperature belongings and raced to the river for the next step of washing, rinse. On a wooden board pack, сложенные в несколько слоёв, and, pouring water, fought special wooden "Pralnikov". After thorough rinsing the washed laundry is hung out to dry.

Today, our washing machines make a lot of operations without our participation. Modern technologies and allow detergents to release huge amounts of time. But it is very informative to know, how and what our ancestors erased, using the now fashionable organic means, following, as wood ash.

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