washing gels.

Among the many detergents there is a position, as washing gels. The name itself says about itself. gels, as powders, used in all types of washing, depending from the gel. The composition of the washing agent gels are similar to those, that are used in the production of detergents. The species has a wide range of gels. This universal, and non-ferrous, black, white things. Ditto for silk and wool. What then is the difference between dry and liquid products? By and large,, and they, and others are able to solve the problem by washing enough quality. Opting for dry or liquid agent, more a matter of taste specific consumer. There is a view of the lower solubility of detergent in comparison with the gel. But if the powder quality and the right dosage, then this problem will not. Sometimes old machines used gel, not to engage in cleaning the clogged channels of powder entering the drum. namely gels are recommended for washing items made of silk and wool, specially designed for this. The gels are less aggressive, Detergents characteristics they can not compete with powders, but begin to work at low temperatures. This is due to the absence of the dissolution process. Perhaps, it's all the basic differences of washing powders and washing gels. selection, as always, After you. It does not matter, by what means, you wash, the main thing – получить нужный результат с хорошим настроением!)

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