Detergents for professional use.

In the market of detergents there is a niche for professional use. The consumers of such products are cleaning, laundry, combines consumer services. What is the difference between an ordinary household chemicals and special professional use? Basically, they perform the same task. The difference in their composition. The thing is, that industrial washing equipment has its own process. In domestic washing machines have steps: wash (with heating, or without), rinsing, otzhim. Equipment in laundry has a more complicated algorithm. There are separated soaking processes, easing, prewash, whitening (if necessary), wash, the introduction of fragrances, rinsing, spin. And at each step corresponding chemical agents are administered. Professional washing powder has no odor, It has a strong detergency characteristics (suitable technological map). The household includes all powders averaging. Besides, professional series used specialists, who know how to use certain tools reinforced properly and not mess things or equipment. The use of professional tools is not recommended at home. OOO "Global-Organik-Grup", manufacturer of household chemistry, also it produces means for industrial washing systems. The range of companies have a standard professional detergents, suitable for most customers. Some customers use individual formulas due to the specific equipment and process. OOO "Global-Organic-Group" makes the necessary preparations, meeting the needs of its customers and being a reliable and professional partner.

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