Washing powders with the components to protect the washing machine.

A very important element is water wash. Its quality and composition affects all, without exception, steps: soaking, prewash, stain removal, bleach. The softer the water, the better the process of. Even washing powder in softer water will need much less, than rigid. On the packaging indicated dosage. If you pay attention, you will see, that grid dosages specified standards, taking into account pollution and water hardness. The composition of the water affects the operation of the washing machine. Rigid and high various impurities and water creates scale raids on the internal mechanisms and in tubes. At some point, the number of these deposits completely incapacitate a washing machine. To avoid this, Special additives are used in the form of powders or tablets. Said means is that other, how water softeners. Sometimes the price is significantly increases the cost of the wash portion. Since these special funds are not sold so massively, themselves detergents, and the price they put a super profit. Although the composition of the funds does not have this value. Ukrainian manufacturer of household chemicals "Global Organic-Group" produces products, which are incorporated into the number of components required, which do not allow to form a scum in a washing machine. Thus extended life of the equipment at no additional cost. Phosphate-free detergents trademarks "KALINKA» and «BUBBLE POWER» exhibit high detergency characteristics, hypoallergenic properties, protective equipment washing machine. The pricing of the products will give you!)

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