Laundry detergent concentrate premium!

In previous articles we dealt with different kinds of detergents. We came to the conclusion, it financially advantageous to use different tools for different purposes. For general washing, for whites, black, coloreds, for silk and wool. I also wrote, provide that if a powder properties all, it will be very expensive. And it is true. As it is also true, that over time, there are strong solutions, give birth to a qualitatively new products. And in this case,. Company, "Global-Organic-Group" to create something new and revolutionary.

They joined the, that had previously been considered impossible. Namely, We developed a detergent concentrate, which copes equally well with all kinds of washings. The dosage of this product, on a certain portion of the wash, need less than one-third of the dosage of branded premium powder! In this case, you will get even better results, than using expensive powders with a larger dose of the recommended dosage to wash ..., you will no doubt get an impressive result. A dosage ensuring the reliability parameters, You will be able to count the economic viability! So, the name of this new miracle product – "KALINKA PREMIUM", updated formula! Of course, the price per kilogram of the powder above, than the cost of saving. But the ultimate economy in favor of "Kalinka PREMIUM". Yet, Using this product, you do not need to buy a lot of different tools, reflecting on the, What that means to erase. This saves time and place. Another important advantage – is the safety of things, as well as their marketability. Using the laundry "KALINKA PREMIUM", you will significantly prolong the life of your clothes, laundry, etc..

With information, you can choose consciously.

The choice is yours!)

Additional questions can be set on site. You can also order the product through the site with delivery across Ukraine.

For foreign partners on site have export section.

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