washing powder

Стиральный порошок — it is safe, time-tested means for washing clothes, clothes and other things. At present, there are many alternatives washing powder. This washing gels, pads with gel, paste. From which liquid detergents are produced? Mostly of the same active ingredients, as detergents, only dissolved in the liquid. When a certain amount of active ingredients, dry laundry detergent costs less detergent gel. washing powder

может стоить дешевле стирального геля, and erasing is significantly better. Washing powder and today remains a reliable and effective means for washing.

Production of washing powder is focused on technology besfosfatny. scientists have proven, that harmful phosphates. At the legislative level is limited to the use of phosphates in the composition of washing and cleaning agents. They were replaced by other substances. These, as zeolites. Phosphate-free detergents are in demand among the customers and not harm the environment.

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