OOO "Global-Organik-Grup", Ukrainian producer of phosphate-free detergents and cleaning agents. Among our manufactured products, there are different brands and lines. I want to emphasize a brand, как «BUBBLE POWER», which includes products with economical price. Detergents from this brand are very economical for the family budget, however, the quality and composition, are to be commended. Products completely besfosfatny, with high detergency performance. There is also a children's line, well proven in retail, as well as in procurement tenders in the kindergartens, hospital, camp, orphanages. Good feedback and repeat orders are talking about well-chosen composition of the product in relation to its price.

Washing gels «BUBBLE POWER» and are of high quality and very affordable price. In the line there are universal washing gels, for whites, ferrous and non-ferrous items.

can say, that the principle of creating products under the «BUBBLE POWER» trademark is high quality at a low price. To achieve this is not so easy, и специалисты ООО «Глобал-Органик-Груп» прикладывают много усилий для достижения амбициозной цели. This is achieved thanks to the highly qualified staff and high level of process optimization.

The same principle is made and other washing and cleaning products under the «BUBBLE POWER» trademark: washing dish, liquid soap, stain removers, bleaches, means for window cleaning and much more.

Why should you purchase products under the «BUBBLE POWER» trademark?

The answer is simple. Make a purchase «BUBBLE POWER», you are getting a quality product, while saving your budget for detergents is over 35%.

Dear customers, we inform you, решение за вами!


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