Trademark, "Ladybird"

In the world there are so many brands of household chemistry. There are both very well-known brands, and little recognizable. there Corporation, whose brands take the lion's share in the Ukrainian market in their segments. So, in a recess of washing powders economy class, one of the corporations holds 65% Ukraine market. In the same time, there are many worthy, little-known brands. Which in quality and sometimes superior products are constantly advertised on TV. The advertised brands most of the price of it's advertising. products, produced by small companies, do not have huge advertising budgets, realizovuyutsya due to high quality and marketing activities. As an example,, is a trademark of "Kalinka" . Produces the trademark Ukrainian manufacturer, OOO "Global-Organik-Grupp" . A relatively small company. Exactly, in the product itself invested money and effort. Since only the quality and creativity and have the whole arsenal of small players in the market. The very same "Kalinka" - is a high quality detergent besfosfatny, with a high level of detergents and pyatnovyvodyaschih properties. As part of the means included elements, protect the washing machine from limescale. Also many other useful properties contains a TM. "Ladybird". As sure as the normal consumer, whether or not such a quality product is unknown? whether it is right for you? There is a simple recommendation. Buy the smallest package goods of interest. Usually, it's not worth a lot of money. A suitable in making an, You can easily buy a large pack and use the health. Ltd. "Global Organic Group" on its website: offers different products and packaging. You can buy through the site shop and order the delivery of any goods. "Kalinka" - a product of premium quality with economical price. It is also present in the premium segment "KALINKA PREMIUM". These products are also exported to other countries. Thereby, Reaffirming its high quality and favorable price.

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