Traditional handloom fabrics from hemp.

In Ukraine, before the start of the 20th century in each farm planted hemp. This plant is cultivated as a necessary source of tissue for everyday use.

Hemp sown in spring. By midsummer it grows above human growth. The hostess came in and picked ripe seed "Ploskina" – This plant masculine. they cut, tied in bundles and dried in the sun. After that carried them to the river and soaked in water. To the water is not claimed, pocketed sheaves tied to pegs in the bottom and linked with each other. Top lay turf for total immersion into the water hemp. Two weeks later, the sheaves were removed and again dried. All of these procedures were carried out to separate the fiber from its stem plants. After the final drying of the type using the tool "terptsa", separating the fiber. This is the primary (roughing) treatment. This process was a process of combing the special brush with sharp metal prongs. Then it took place on a fine finishing brush bristle boar. From the resulting fiber was produced using yarn spindle, I wound onto the reel and curled in tangles.

In manual weaving loom from a yarn obtained web was produced. Rolls of the finished fabric continued technological processing, spreading out in the sun for about three weeks. And the sun stretched the same side, she was subsequently face.

This technology is a very long time ensured the Ukrainians matter to create clothes, bed linen, polotenechnaja, curtains and other necessary items of daily use. These things are erased using the technology described in the previous article "wash ash". Things hemp have antibacterial and anti-allergic properties. Today, the use of industrial hemp resumed in Ukraine, there are more companies, producing things of this unique plant. In the international market ecoproducts hemp are in demand, exceeds supply! This is a great niche for Ukrainian businessmen, available to the rich national traditions.

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