Colored and white granules in detergents.

Choosing a washing powder to buy, we focus on advertising, recommendation of friends, a price. While, that the choice of a wide, we can not pay attention to the appearance of the product. If the powder is a bright, with a large number of multicolored granules, then his desire to acquire more. What kind of pellets, what they are and why they do not leave stains on things after washing. Actually, granules may be different functional. One thing they have in common – It is a water-soluble base. There granules based on a sodium salt of a certain fraction, Special neutralized dissolving dye. On this basis can add dried flavoring, functional additives, eg, bleaches, Amplifiers detergent characteristics, etc.. The composition depends on the price of pellets. As, the more expensive functional ingredients, the higher the price. There are only granules with dry perfumed or generally just colored base. In the latter embodiment, the pellet provides decoration appearance powder, although there is no harm in this case it is not from. She simply dissolved, along with the powder. Manufacturer washing powder, making the formula of their products, he decides, lay more expensive functional granules, or add it for the sake of appearance. Functional granule may simply be white, as the color – it is not the active substance itself,and dye. Granules may also be based on soap. Although the principle of filling the same. Concludes, that the colored granules, it's more marketing, Powder them ceases to be boring and pleases our eyes!)

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