Universal gel for washing

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Универсальные гели для стирки

Company Global Organic Group offers to buy gel for washing clothes of different types at low prices. We produce high-quality ecological products, which is suitable for household daily use, and for use in large-scale production purposes.

Our budget for washing gels are produced under the brand «Bubble Power». They quickly remove different types of stains and does not destroy the structure of the tissue. You can order products in any city, and contact us for business cooperation.

Buying gel for washing the online store

Our company has in stock are three main types of detergents, which are intended for clothes from certain tissues and specific coloring. Country of production of each presented gel for washing - Ukraine.

  • Gel for washing white clothes. With this tool «Bubble Power» washable white cotton stuff, linen and synthetics (except wool and silk). The gel for washing in the machine of any type, while it may be added, and when working by hand, regardless of the quality of water.
  • Gel for washing colored clothes. Liquid «Bubble Power» applicable for use with the products from natural, synthetic and mixed fabrics, except for wool and silk. It is not only gel for washing machine, but also a helper for hand washing with water of any degree of hardness.
  • Universal gel for machine-gun and hand washing. This product allows you to clean up the snow-white and colored clothes, made of any material, except silk and wool fabrics. If you want to buy an inexpensive gel for washing, pay attention to the liquid «Bubble Power», because it simply use water with any hardness and with different washing machines.

You can make a purchase with a transfer to the bank account or cash on delivery. The goods are delivered by courier to the city Khmelnitsky, as well as other regions of the mail. Also, we employ ex service.

The advantages of buying our gels for washing

  • High washing results. Our gels are produced for specific types of tissue, that the performance indicators were highest. Detergents are purposefully and thus retain the color saturation and gloss of materials. You can find us in the sale of gel for washing the black stuff, white linen or choose a panacea for cost and time savings.
  • sparing effect. Our liquid detergents act gently on the fabric structure and dissolve quickly in water already at 30-40 degrees. They do not leave any crumbs on clothes and rinse easily without stains on materials. Even in the case of clothing is very dirty liquid gel will be a great help, and do not suffer fiber fabric.
  • Safe and eco-friendly structure. Each gel contains our specially prepared water, from 5 to 15% APAV, 10% soap and 5% amphoteric surfactants. These components do not cause irritation of the skin and do not cause an allergic reaction. Furthermore, all products Global Organic Group has the necessary certification of the passage of the sanitary-epidemiological expertise.
  • economical use. practice shows, that when properly calculating dosages our liquid gels enough for 5-6 washes over, than the same volume of powder. Wherein means dissolving in water a low temperature additionally saves energy.
  • Pleasant odor after cleaning laundry. As part of our liquid funds is easy and versatile Perfume, which will give all the flavor of freshness erasing things.
  • convenient packaging. We sell liquid detergents in plastic containers in volume 4 liter with an ergonomic handle and a screw-cap-dispenser. Capful simplifies the calculation of the gel for hand soaking or washing in the washing machine, as well as prevent fluid leakage even when the tank falls. The package itself can not be punctured, tear or wet, but it is convenient to get any shelf.

For ordering our products you just go to our online store, choose a favorite gel for hand washing and machine processing, and add it to your cart. Next, you need to follow the instructions that appear, Fill in the necessary information. If you have any questions about the product or its delivery, you can contact our advisors at one of the three phone numbers, e-mail or using the form on the site.