How to efficiently wash dishes without running water.

We used to wash dishes at home. Some use a dishwasher, someone washing dishes by hand. But in both cases have one thing in common – running water. When we find ourselves in conditions, where there is no running water, it does not add to a hassle. And no need to panic. If you do it right, jewel will be clean, and water and detergent vytratytsya not much. First of all, collect used dishes and remove food debris mechanically, maximum clearing. Then take the biggest bowl, pour it hot and cold water, getting by mixing a comfortable temperature. Add a small amount of detergent. In another large bowl pour clean water too, but without detergent. Lay all, pretreated, dishes first container, take a sponge or cloth coated with detergent and start working. While all the dishes vidmokaye water and detergent, We take turns each unit, peremyvayemo sponge (cloth), then rinse in the tank with clean water and put in drying, or towel. So, we do not have running water, which has run continuously, while we wash the dishes, and consumed in large quantities. If a very large number of dishes, you need to change the water in our tanks, Depending on the intensity of pollution. But the amount of water consumed in this method of washing dishes, we considered, not compared to the cost of using running water. By the way, You can use method two tanks and in the presence of water pipe, getting clean utensils and money saved.

Good luck!

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